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UK Double Bed Frame Size Guide: Discover Your Perfect Fit with Rest Relax - Rest Relax

UK Double Bed Frame Size Guide: Discover Your Perfect Fit with Rest Relax

Selecting a double bed frame for your bedroom can provide ample space for a comfortable night's sleep while enhancing your room's aesthetic appeal. However, with various sizes and dimensions available in the UK market, finding the perfect fit can be a daunting task. Rest Relax, a trusted provider of affordable beds and mattresses understands the importance of choosing the right bed frame to suit your space, personal preferences and budget.

In this in-depth guide, we'll explore the common dimensions and sizing options, helping you make an informed decision while navigating the world of UK double bed frame sizes. Additionally, we'll provide styling tips and insights into the quality and affordability offered by Rest Relax's exceptional range of double bed frames and mattresses. Let us help you find the perfect fit for your bedroom sanctuary.

1. A Breakdown of UK Double Bed Frame Sizes

Understanding the various double bed frame size options available in the UK market is essential for selecting the perfect fit for your bedroom. Let's explore the most common dimensions:

- Small Double (4ft): A popular choice for smaller bedrooms, this bed frame measures 120cm x 190cm, providing enough space for couples or a spacious sleep for a single individual.

- Standard Double (4ft 6in): The most common size for a double bed frame, this option measures 135cm x 190cm, providing a comfortable sleep for couples in regular-sized bedrooms.

- King Size (5ft): Offering additional width, this bed frame measures 150cm x 200cm, providing extra space for couples looking for more comfort or for those with larger bedrooms.

- Super King Size (6ft): The largest double bed frame size available, measuring 180cm x 200cm, is ideal for couples who desire maximal sleeping space or for larger master bedrooms.

When considering the ideal double bed frame size for your room, remember to account for additional space required for bedside tables, access points, or any other bedroom furniture.

2. Measuring Your Space for a Double Bed Frame

To accurately measure your bedroom space for a double bed frame, follow these steps:

- Measure the Length and Width: Using a measuring tape, record the dimensions of your bedroom, considering the bed frame's location and orientation.

- Account for Additional Furniture: If you have existing bedroom furniture or plan to add new pieces, measure their dimensions and factor them into the overall space planning.

- Assess Access Points: Make note of windows, doors, radiators, or any other physical obstructions that may impact the positioning of your double bed frame.

- Plan for a Clear Pathway: Ensure that there is enough space around the bed frame to move freely, accounting for at least 60cm-70cm of clearance on each side, as recommended by interior designers [source:].

3. Styling Tips for Your Double Bed Frame

Once you've chosen the perfect double bed frame size for your bedroom, it's essential to style the frame to complement your room's design. Here are some tips to create a cohesive and appealing atmosphere:

- Coordinate Colours: Choose a colour scheme for your bed frame, bedding, curtains, and other décor elements to create a harmonious look that reflects your personal style.

- Select Bedding: Opt for high-quality bed linen, pillows, and cushions in your chosen colour scheme to accentuate the comfort and visual appeal of your double bed frame.

- Create a Focal Point: Arrange wall art or a statement headboard above the bed frame, establishing a focal point to balance the room's design elements.

- Accent Lighting: Enhance the ambience of your bedroom by incorporating bedside lamps, wall sconces, or string lights for a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

4. Qualities to Look for in a Double Bed Frame

To ensure lasting comfort and satisfaction, consider the following qualities when choosing a double bed frame:

- Material: Double bed frames are commonly available in wood, metal, fabric, and leather. Each material offers a different aesthetic and level of durability. Assess your preferences and bedroom style when selecting a material.

- Construction: Choose a bed frame with a robust, well-crafted structure to ensure long-lasting use and support for your mattress.

- Design: Opt for a design that complements your bedroom's overall aesthetic, considering styles such as contemporary, classic, or rustic, depending on your personal taste.

- Features: Some double bed frames offer additional features such as under-bed storage compartments, which can help maximise space in your bedroom.

5. The Rest Relax Advantage: Affordable Double Bed Frame Options

Rest Relax offers a diverse range of affordable, high-quality double bed frames, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your bedroom effortlessly. Some popular options include:

- Chester Fabric Bed Frame: This elegant fabric bed frame features a buttoned headboard and a sturdy wooden slatted base, available in standard double and king-size options.

- Isabel Metal Bed Frame: With its intricate metal scrollwork design, this bed frame adds a touch of sophistication to any bedroom and is available in a standard double size.

- Hannah Wooden Bed Frame: Simplistic yet elegant, this solid pine double bed frame offers a classic style and durability, making it suitable for long-lasting use.

- Grace Ottoman Bed Frame: Ideal for those seeking extra storage, this bed frame boasts a hydraulic lift mechanism to reveal ample storage space while providing a comfortable sleeping environment.

Discover Your Perfect Double Bed Frame Size with Rest Relax

Understanding the various UK double bed frame sizes and taking accurate measurements of your bedroom is crucial for selecting the perfect bed frame for your space. With a comprehensive understanding of dimensions and styling tips, you can create a beautiful, comfortable, and functional sleeping environment tailored to your unique tastes.

Rest Relax, offering a wide range of affordable beds and mattresses, is dedicated to helping you find the ideal double bed frame size and design to suit both your preferences and budget. Trust in our expertise to guide you in making the best choice for your bedroom sanctuary. Explore our exceptional collection of double bed frames and mattresses today, and take the first step towards transforming your bedroom into the perfect haven for relaxation and restful sleep.

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